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After a suitable or even free domain name is found, our team takes care of registering your desired domain.


Domain FAQ

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The following services and configurations are provided:

DNS Record:

For your new domain, DNS record will be created by Trendstudio's servers, which will ensure that when your domain is entered, it reaches the Trendstudio servers. This allows, for example, publishing a website online and creating email accounts through Trendstudio's client area.

Register the domain name at affordable prices!

At Trendstudio, you can quickly and easily purchase your desired domains at affordable annual prices. A comprehensive package of services with free domain forwarding, nameserver services, email, DNS management, free site builder, unlimited email redirects, and much more is already included in the domain price and can be managed independently through the management portal.


A domain or domain name is a unique address on the Internet (similar to a postal code) used to identify specific websites through combinations of letters and numbers.
This combination is entered in the computer's address bar. To simplify, usually normal text or word combinations are typed instead of confusing numbers (IP address or Internet Protocol).


The first part of the domain is the protocol identifier, with which the PC can identify the address. In the second part, the origin name of the IP address is specified with the domain origin. These two parts are separated as follows: two colons and two slashes (://).

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) provides a global address of resources on the World Wide Web. By clicking on the URL, you access the website. Therefore, all accessible addresses start with www.

A website and all its contents have a common domain name or IP address on a network. Therefore, a homepage can be run on one or more web servers, which can be accessed via the Internet.


Thousands of domain names are registered every day! Therefore, it is important to register your special domain name since it will not be available for anyone else later. If someone else registers this domain name before you, you won't be able to use it anymore. So, register your desired domain name as soon as possible, before someone else does!


Domain costs can vary from 3,30 euros (.de) to over 1.449 euros (.tt).

See: List of top-level-domains.


Don't worry! On request, we will provide you with training on the relevant system and we will be available to answer any questions.


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