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Your website: sharp and user-friendly on every screen.



Bespoke Internet

We take measurements to create a perfect internet presence tailored to your needs.
We focus on a "user-friendly" service. But first, we carefully take measurements: through in-depth analysis, we establish your requirements to develop and implement the right strategies for the success of your website.

Our analysis requires answers to three fundamental questions:

How, what, where?

How do you want to achieve your goal? (With which CMS?)
What are your objectives, and who is your target audience?
Where do you place the emphasis (priorities, topics, and keywords)?

The conceptual framework

We frame your website in a coherent "framework", a guarantee of lasting success. This framework, the result of our in-depth analysis of your budget and requirements, serves us to develop a project together with you, to be developed in an articulate and coherent way.
With state-of-the-art tools and continuous updates following the rules, trendstudio.it designs the structure of your website with a focus on maximum flexibility: we keep layouts and content separate, allowing you to smoothly transition to a new "trendy" layout if desired.

Our experts

Our team of Internet and SEO specialists is always ready to offer some wise advice. We have no interest in proposing and developing oversized projects: we never lose sight of your budget. Not everyone needs a custom CMS: implementing a content management system can quickly increase costs and exceed the budget. In most cases, widely accessible and freely available management systems adequately fulfill a large number of operational needs.


Anything you want

We program static HTML pages, but also dynamic websites manageable with an individual CMS, using WordPress, Typo3, or other management systems. We also create more complex applications connected to a management database, such as internet portals and online stores. If you wish, we can create your custom CMS with Trendstudio's CMS systems. We always strive to meet your needs, without resorting to redundant and unnecessary tools!


We pay maximum attention to optimizing the compatibility of our applications with any browser, implementing advanced CSS technologies and W3C standards. This ensures your website is visible on every browser. During programming, we carefully verify the usability of each layout. Of course, search engine optimization is an integral aspect of programming: your site will be highly visible to users on Google & Co.


The costs are around 80 Euros per hour of programming.


We offer free advice

Customer proximity, consulting, competent service: you will get exactly what you want. We gladly offer you free consultation.

Consultation hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00

Via Andreas-Hofer 5
I – 39100 Bolzano, South Tyrol

Phone: +39 0471 975124
E-mail: info@trendstudio.it