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After an analysis of keywords, visitors are looking for exactly what you offer!

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The most important rule to get visitors to your website or appropriate "clicks" in your Google AdWords account is to speak the language of your customers. If you produce "screwdrivers," but the whole world is searching for "screwdriver," don't be surprised if only a few experts visit your website.

The potential customer will only search for terms they know! Through a thorough analysis of the words your potential customers actually search for, you ensure that the right visitors come to your website - those who have the intention of actually purchasing the products or services you offer. To achieve this, terms that are most frequently searched for or alternatively entered are examined using various keyword databases and real-time searches. For example: We also know that a "homepage" is simply the initial page of a website... but as long as the term "homepage" is typed nearly four times more often in search engines than "website" or even "internet presence," we prefer, mistakenly, to talk about "search engine optimization for your homepage." This way, four times more people actually reach our website.
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We search and analyze exactly the keywords (search terms) that fit your offer and are frequently searched for.
We identify the TOP keywords for your industry so that you don't rank first with unimportant keywords because they are not in demand, leading to a lack of visitors.
We research alternatives and misspellings that match the identified keywords. The advantage of these keywords is that they face less competition, resulting in fewer "external" pages appearing in search results.
We identify excluding keywords, which are terms that do not match your offer at all, and for which your Google AdWords ads should not appear. For example, for an online store, words like "free," "gratis," "zero cost," "instruction manual," and so on.
Finally, we also identify whether your offer can be described with certain niche keywords. Generic keywords are highly competitive, and thousands of pages are quickly found. The advantage of niche keywords is that there is often strong demand, but only a few pages focus on these words.

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What do we mean by a group of keywords?

For example, if you produce ladders, "wooden ladders" would be a group of keywords, while "steel ladders" would be another. For an optician, a group of keywords could be "contact lenses" or "glasses"... for a software house, "accounting" and "goods management." Usually, these are the main product or service categories you offer.

Price: €79 for each group of keywords or product category (up to approximately 500 terms)