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Step I: More Visitors!

A clear and information-rich website, and the most convenient online store with the best deals, are worthless if interested people can't find the site, don't notice the offers, and as a result, the business doesn't move forward.

But there are ways to attract more visitors to your website through the vast jungle of offers:

Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization)

Sponsored Links (paid advertising in search engines, e.g., Google AdWords campaigns)
Viral Marketing / "Word of Mouth"
Directories / Web Catalogs / Link Exchange Networks / Banner Advertising
Affiliate Programs / Referrals / Contests
Public Relations Activities on Forums / Blogs / Press

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, AltaVista & Co. or MSN guide users through the incredible flow of millions of pages of information and useful content on the Internet. For many users, they are a daily, safe, and fast way to find information. Consequently, positioning your offer, i.e., your website, in the top positions of search engines becomes even more important. Everyone knows from personal experience that the first pages are followed more closely by visitors. Potential customers will immediately notice your information and offers only here.

GVU (Georgia Institute of Technology) Statistics show:

85% of Internet users use search engines to search for specific information on websites;
90% of those who perform searches lose interest after examining the first 30 results;
75% of users intend to make a purchase and, therefore, look for the best information.

A high position, that is, placing your information in the top positions of search engine results, is, therefore, of great importance. Few Internet users bother to search for hours through result pages with numerous entries to find desired information. Everyone wants to get the desired result quickly. Usually, the search is successful after the third page.

To achieve a high ranking, i.e., positioning your information among the top positions of search engine results, it is essential to use relevant keywords or keyword combinations to be found by your company. General industry keywords are present on many pages.

Just do a simple test, and everyone can see how quickly their website can be found: enter the most important keywords of your company on Google, with which you want to be identified and found. You can immediately see your position. If you are not on the first three pages, your site practically does not exist on Google! Almost no user will find you with the products and services offered in search engines.

Only one solution can lead to success: optimize your web presence!
Keyword Analysis - Word Space Analysis

One of the most important rules for an online presence is: use the language of your customers! Only a few experts know the vast world of technical terms and linguistic loans. Most people searching for information are regular users who want to find information and should, therefore, be attracted to your website.

With an analysis of the words your potential customers would use during the search, you can ensure that website visitors who are genuinely interested in the products you offer actually arrive at your site.

Sponsored Links (Paid Search Positions, Google AdWords)

A simpler but paid way to achieve a good position on search engines is to publish an advertisement that is automatically displayed when specific keywords are searched for. Each time one of these keywords is searched for, your ad will appear alongside "regular" search results with specific advertising text. These displays are also called "sponsored links." Every time your ad is clicked by a potential customer, you will have to pay a pre-established price. The most well-known pay-per-click programs include: Google AdWords, Overture, or Espotting. Creating an AdWords account is simple and can be activated in no time, so the ad will be visible on Google after a few minutes.

Search Engine Optimization

It is even better to appear at the top of the "regular" search results list on search engines without having to pay for an ad. However, since many other users use the same keywords, this task is not easy for the average user. With a good understanding of the subject and the application of the right tips and tricks, it is not too difficult to rank well on the most important search engines. It is essential to meet the basic requirements of page optimization. Soon, you will notice a significant improvement in your website's ranking, and more and more website visitors will come to visit it.
Viral Marketing

It works like a computer virus, but it doesn't harm, but rather strengthens your business. With "viral marketing," advertising for your website develops its momentum. Information is passed on to other website users, friends, or acquaintances. You can also offer coupons or contests that can only be redeemed on your website as an incentive.

Affiliate Programs

Potential customers are directed to your website or your product through special links on the affiliate program partner's website. Thanks to an affiliate ID included in the link, you can know where the visitor who accesses your site comes from. If a purchase is made, the partner receives a pre-established commission. So, payment only occurs when you actually get a business result. The partner is not charged additional costs for placing the link.

It is ideal if the partner operates in a sector that fits your website's offer and is informative. Only in this case, many visitors will notice the information and offer on your website... and make a purchase.

Public Relations Activities - Forums - Blogs

Thanks to the internet, countless possibilities are opening up to get in touch and exchange views with people with similar interests, points of view, and hobbies. There is little topic that is not discussed and found in forums. People with similar interests ask questions and provide answers. Direct advertising is not welcome in these forums, newsgroups, and blogs, but with a bit of skill, it is possible to promote products or services. You can do this by making your professional expertise available and referring to your products.

Even a blog, a small content management system (CMS) almost always free, can lead to success. You can quickly publish your contributions on your website through it. Blogs analyze the latest searches on the internet, found links, specific industry news, or reports on your work, which are then published. Thanks to their timeliness, search engines record them immediately and reward them with a better position.

It is always worthwhile to promote the company well through "offline media" as well, referring to your website. Important information should not be missing on letterheads, newsletters, emails, order confirmations, instructions, or business cards!

Step II: Turning visitors into customers

When a visitor chooses your website, it is particularly important to convince them within a few seconds that they have found exactly what they were looking for and that the website offers them benefits.